L’esprit d’un temps


Contributors: Inke Arns (Artistic Director and Curator, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund), Stéphane Bauer (Director, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin), Katia Baudin (Director, Kunstmuseen Krefeld), Oriane Durand (Director, Dortmunder Kunstverein), Florian Ebner (Director of the Photographic Collection, Museum Folkwang, Essen), Fanny Gonella (Curator, Künstlerhaus Bremen), Marie Graftieaux (Curator, insitu, Berlin), Nele Heinevetter (Art historian and founder of Niche, Berlin), Bettina Klein (Director Visual Arts, daadgalerie, Berlin), Judy Lybke (Gallery owner, EIGEN + ART, Leipzig/Berlin), Thomas Olbricht (Director, me Collectors Room, Berlin), Susanne Pfeffer (Director, Fridericianum, Kassel), Kathleen Rahn (Director, Kunstverein Hannover), Thibaut de Ruyter (curator, critic, Berlin), Esther Schipper (Gallery owner, Esther Schipper GmbH, Berlin), Jens Emil Sennewald (critic and journalist, AICA France, Paris), Giovanni Springmeier (collector, Springmeier Collection, Berlin), Bettina Steinbrügge (Director, Kunstverein Hamburg), Michel Stiernon (Sociologist, CNAM Île-de-France, Paris), Thomas Thiel (Director, Bielefelder Kunstverein).

To highlight the Bureau des arts plastiques / Institut français d’Allemagne activities since 1996, as well the support it lends to French artistic creation in a highly competitive context of the art ecosystem in Germany, the BDAP has launched a publication that gives the floor to the German art scene and its approach to French art. 20 personalities from the German art world – critics, curators, directors of institutions and independent venues, gallery owners and collectors – are invited take a close look at the French art scene.

Zeitgeist/L’Esprit d’un Temps has been designed as a chronological work in which fragments of the history of the presence of French artists in Germany over the last 20 years appear. How do French artists take part in the effervescent German art scene through major events such as Documenta, the Berlin Biennale and the Cologne Art Fair? Which personalities have contributed to promoting our art scene in Germany?