No More Sleep No More Danilo Correale

Contributions by David M. Rapoport, Matthew J. Wolf-Meyer, Roger Ekirch, Simon Williams, Alan Derickson, Murray Melbin, Alexei Penzin, Reena Patel.

Night-space and sleep, despite the recent media attention, remain rather uncharted territories in the landscape of human life, and continue to generate intriguing theories and propositions both in medical and social sciences. No More Sleep No More neither poses nor answers questions about sleep, but rather aims to reframe sleep and wakefulness into the framework of chronopolitics together with aspect of our lives absorbed under the neoliberal condition.

Eidtor’s note

The following texts are transcripts of interviews conducted between 2012 and 2015, with academics and scientists who share an interest in neuroscience, chrono-politics, idle time, labor and postcolonial critique, as embodied in our changing relationship to sleep.
The authors featured in this short anthology have previously published material on the topic of sleep in the framework of their own field study.
The conversations edited and transcribed in the following pages are part of the project No More Sleep No More, a 240-minute sensorial visual visual essay, divided into eight chapters.