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The Incest Museum,
A Guide by Simon Fujiwara

The Museum of Incest is an ongoing project initiated by Simon Fujiwara in 2008. Subtitled “An erotic survey of civilization from ape to man and back again”, this architectural project is composed of a fictive institution that explores the erotic origins of man, while proposing incest as part of man’s ancestry. The publication is a guide to the museum, including a discussion of the fictive museum’s architecture, curatorial features, and the works presented in it. It is based on a performance-lecture realized by Fujiwara.
Dieffenbachstraße 31. 10967 Berlin, Germany

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Edited by Latitudes
(M. Andrews & Mariana Cánepa Luna)
English | 2009
ISBN 978-88-95702-09-4
21 × 15 cm | 52 pages + poster
10.00 eur
Simon Fujiwara (born London, 1982) is a Berlin and London-based artist, whose works have recently been shown at the 53rd Venice Biennial, Frame project at Frieze Art Fair, and MAK
Center for Contemporary Art and Architecture.
The Incest Museum has been shown at Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporana, Naples, The Royal College of Art, London, OTIS, Los Angeles, and Limonchello, London.