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Printed Matters'
LA Art Book Fair
12-14 February 2016
B O O K   F A I R S

Saturday, February 13
4 to 5 pm
Warren Neidich and
Danilo Correale at the

LA Art Book Fair
R E C E N T   T I T L E S

When Attitudes Become the
Norm. The Contemporary
Curator and Institutional Art
by Beti Žerovc
I Z A   E D I T I O N S

Death on the Run
Edited by
Luisa Lorenza Corna and
John Cunningham
S A S H A   E D I T I O N S

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Archive is a platform for cultural research and debate. It brings
together activists and cultural practitioners in an adaptable and
non-hierarchal structure with the aim to foster a unique space
for discussion and exchange. Archive is engaged in a wide range
of activities including publishing and exhibition making. Archive
Books produces readers, monographs and artists’ books as well
as journals focusing on contemporary cultural production.
Located in Berlin, Archive Kabinett is both a library and a
bookshop showcasing a selected range of printed matters, and
simultaneously a space for lectures, screenings and exhibitions.
Archive Journal is a biannual cross-disciplinary journal. As its name
suggests, it is primarily concerned with the notion of documentation
but also with contemporary uses of translation and recirculation.
Archive Appendix is the design department that brings a conceptual
approach to the relation between text and image.

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Martin Beck
Summer Winter East West
Where to Sit at the Dinner Table?
The Forest & the School
Pedro Neves Marques

Euros 20.00

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Euros 25.00
F R O M   T H E   S H O P
Anguish Language 
Writing and Crisis

Anguish Language
approaches language as a
core aspect of the present
social crisis. The project
engages in solidarity with
forms of self-publishing,
poetry, criticism,
experimental writing and
declamation that have
arisen in the wake of the
2007-8 financial crisis,
considering language
among and through the
social struggles responding
to its consequences.
About the book

Edited by John Cunningham,
Anthony Iles, Mira Mattar and
Marina Vishmidt

Essays by John Cunningham,
Sean Bonney, Anthony Iles,
Wealth of Negations, Mira Mattar,
Anguish Language Copenhagen
Group, Danny Hayward, Pier
Paolo Pasolini, [...]

Designed by Archive Appendix

Softcover, 12 × 20 cm
304 pages, two colours

ISBN 978-3-943620-30-6
Euros 15.00

Republications is the first
volume of Archive Journal’s
hors-séries. Each issue of the
series is commissioned to
authors whose research is
close to the editorial line of
the journal. For the inaugural
issue Archive’s editors have
invited curators and art
critics Virginie Bobin and
Mathilde Villeneuve. Taking
as a starting point the notion
of republication, the contents
of this volume have been
compiled through a collective
process over the course of
multiple editorial meetings
in Berlin, Aubervilliers
and Paris between 2011
and 2012.          
R E A D   M O R E
About the book

Edited by Mathilde Villeneuve
and Virginie Bobin

Contributions by Mathieu Kleyebe
Abonnenc, Lene Berg, Pauline
Boudry & Renate Lorenz,
Christophe Bruno, Foundland,
Jeff Guess, Alexis Guillier, Rémy
Héritier, franck leibovici, Sohrab
Mohebbi, Julien Prévieux, Sally
Price, Anna Théodoridès, Vassilis
Salpistis & Marie Voignier

English / French
Softcover, 17 × 24 cm
480 pages, colours

ISBN 978-3-943620-06-1
Euros 18.00
Firenze 1977. Luciano
Bartolini, Michael Buthe,
Klaus Vom Bruch, Martin
Kippenberger, Marcel
Odenbach, Anna
Oppermann, Ulrike
Rosenbach &Tc.

Firenze 77 tells the story of a
number of artists who passed
through Florence, and Villa
Romana, between the second
half of the 1970s and the
early 1980s. This book brings
together a series of notes,
comments, book summaries
and various kinds of devices
and does not pretend to be
other than a collection of
heterogeneous, autonomous
material and is open to the
prospect of a future, broader
and unified work.

Luciano Bartolini.
Pensando all’oriente

This publication was made
in collaboration with
Archivio Luciano Bartolini,
which since 1994 – the year
of the artist’s death – has
conducted careful research
for the conservation and
cataloguing of his works.
Created in parallel with the
Firenze 1977 it takes
a position of ideal continuity
with the essay by Paolo
Emilio Antognoli Viti,
accompanying the historical-
critical recontextualization
of the figure of the artist
with an important tool of
documentation on his work
from 1973 to 1979.
About the book

Edited by Marco Scotini and
Elisabetta Galasso

Contributions by John Akomfrah,
Eric Baudelaire, Ursula Biemann,
Harun Farocki, Yervant Gianikian
and Angela Ricci Lucchi, Khaled
Jarrar, Lamia Joreige, Gintaras
Makarevičius, Angela Melitopoulos,
Deimantas Narkevičius, Lisl
Ponger, Florian Schneider, Eyal
Sivan, Hito Steyerl, Jean-Marie
Teno, Trinh T. Minh-ha, Wendelien
van Oldenborgh, Clemens von
Wedemeyer, Mohanad Yaqubi
and Reem Shilleh

English, Softcover, 13 × 20 cm
240 pages, black and white
ISBN 978-3-943620-33-7
Euros 18.00
Politics of Memory
Documentary and Archive

The anthology Politics of Memory aims to investigate the
document as such, as an objective trace left by events, as
material proof or the creation of reality – the strategies with
which they transform a state of memory into state memory,
those by means of which a historical removal is enacted,
those, ultimately, in which there is an attempt to challenge
permanent or temporary amnesia, opening up to the future.
The artists and filmmakers contributing to this publication
represent the most advanced area on an international scale
of a research that inaugurates a new relationship between
artistic practices and the documentary.

The artists’ contributions have been collected within the
context of a cycle of conferences held between 2010 and 2013
and are re-presented here in a format aimed at highlighting
their connections and common research perspectives. To this
end, the volume is articulated in four sections and does not
follow the chronological order of the conferences. The first
section is dedicated to archival practices, the second to the
memory of conflicts, the third to the documentary dispositive
and the last to the representation of migration as a social
practice and as the enactment of breaching boundaries.
History and Interregnum
Three Works by
Stan Douglas

The Museu Coleção Berardo
in collaboration with
Archive Books is publishing
the book
History and
Interregnum. Three Works
by Stan Douglas to mark
the exhibition, featuring an
extensive essay by Pedro
Lapa, the artistic director
of the museum and the
curator of this exhibition,
which takes an in-depth
look at the “trilogy” made
up of
Disco Angola (2012),
Luanda-Kinshasa (2013)
The Secret Agent
(2015). The book, which is
replete with illustrations of
these three works as well as
two series of photographs
showing their production,
also includes the final
version of the script for
The Secret Agent by Stan
Douglas himself.

About the book

Edited by Pedro Lapa

Texts by Stan Douglas
and Pedro Lapa

Editorial coordination by
Nuno Ferreira de Carvalho

Graphic design by
Raquel Pinto

English, Softcover, 15.5 × 23 cm
212 pages, colours

ISBN 978-3-943620-38-2
Euros 19.00
Danilo Correale
No More Sleep No More

Night-space and sleep,
despite the recent media
attention, remain rather
uncharted territories in the
landscape of human life,
and continue to generate
intriguing theories and
propositions both in
medical and social sciences.

No More Sleep No More
neither poses nor answers
questions about sleep, but
rather aims to reframe sleep
and wakefulness into the
framework of chronopolitics
together with aspect of our
lives absorbed under the
neoliberal condition.

About the book

Edited by Danilo Correale

Texts by
David M. Rapoport, Matthew
J. Wolf-Meyer, Roger Ekirch,
Simon Williams, Alan Derickson,
Murray Melbin, Alexei Penzin,
Reena Patel

Graphic design by
Archive Appendix

English, Softcover,
15.5 × 23 cm
128 pages,

ISBN 978-3-943620-44-3
Euros 25.00

Beti Žerovc
When Attitudes
Become the Norm

In this book devoted to the
field of curating and
“institutional art”, Žerovc
raises questions about the
character and limitations of
the “exhibition-maker as
artist” and the “exhibition
as a work of art”, asking
whether the socio-political
objectives for the latter
actually manifest
contradictory or even
opposite effects given the
inescapable conditions of
capitalism. The book
culminates with Žerovc’s
queries about the ritualistic
function of contemporary
art exhibitions, and this is
evocatively expressed in her
introduction: “There was
once great discussion about
how removing artworks
from their original context
and installing them in the
museum meant their certain
death. Today, it seems, we
need to be thinking about
different questions. Does
the institution of visual art
bring something to life …
what, in fact, are we
summoning to life?” (Mary
Anne Staniszewski)

Pierre Restany, Zoran Kržišnik,
Harald Szeemann, Daniel
Buren, Charles Esche, Beautiful
Freedom, Walter Benjamin,
Mary Anne Staniszewski

ISBN 978-3-943620-39-9
Euros 20.00

Firenze 1977. Edited by
Paolo Emilio Antognoli Viti
Euros 20.00
Two volumes available
in English and in Italian
Luciano Bartolini. Pensando
all’oriente 1973–79
Euros 20.00

Archive Books
at Studio Dabbeni

Open gallery #10

Until January 30th

On the occasion of Open
Gallery #10, Studio Dabbeni
invites Archive Books to
present its publishing
activities and latest releases.
Among the other titles
Archive Books will launch
two books released for the
recent exhibition on Luciano
Bartolini’s work at Villa
Romana in Florence.
The two volumes: Firenze
written by Paolo Emilio
Antognoli Viti, and
Bartolini. Pensando
all’Oriente 1973–1979
, tell
the story of a number of
artists who passed through
Florence, and particularly
Villa Romana, between the
second half of the 1970s and
the early 1980s.
Archive Books’ titles will be
housed within Cubitus, an
installation devised by the
Luca Frei in 2005.
Comprised of stacked
wooden units, Frei has
created a flexible structure
that acts both as an open
archive and as seating. The
starting point for Cubitus is
an image of La Bibliotèque
des Enfants that the artist
has found in the Centre
George Pompidou’s annual
report Rapport d’Activité
(1982), while researching
into the Swiss sociologist
Albert Meister’s book
La soi-disant utopie du
centre beaubourg
Alongside the display of
Archive Books’ titles an
exhibition of the complete
collection of the artist’s
books of Luciano Bartolini.

Corso Pestalozzi 1
Lugano, Switzerland
U P C O M I N G   T I T L E S

The Psychopathologies of
Cognitive Capitalism:
Part Three. Edited by
Warren Neidich