“This book is not for reading but for wandering. Its lines do not roll out
continuously but superimpose each other to infinity, creating not a compendium of
knowledge but a web of prescience. It does not follow a logical framework but
unfurls a grid with multiple entries. It does not assert a set subject or conclusive
postulate. At most it invites us to probe the recesses of a mind in motion, and
steeps us in the driving material that brings it to life. It reflects the works it
exhibits, the documents it discloses and the commentary it generates: it aspires to
ubiquity. Anabasis, the very real linking thread that stitches it together, serves not
just as an archaeological enigma, but also as an allegorical force. The main author
of this ocean crossing, Eric Baudelaire, is both a collector of vestiges and a sketcher
of wandering lines who has surrounded himself with other meticulous voices
(Pierre Zaoui, Homay King, Jean-Pierre Rehm), fellow-travellers in this library
secret. Readers will be able to enjoy the grad- ual unfolding of the story of war and
politics whose underlying intellectual and poetic adventure this book enables us to
recall—that of its repetitions, ramifications and hybridisations: the story of
Anabasis after Anabasis (or from Xenophon’s Anabasis to that of Paul Celan by way
of Alain Badiou’s), from an ancient narrative to its modern reappropriation.”
(Morad Montazami)                

About the book

Eric Baudelaire

Edited by
Eric Baudelaire
and Anna Colin

Texts by
Morad Montazami,
Pierre Zaoui, Homay King
and Jean-Pierre Rehm

Designed by Regular
Jean-Marie Courant

Published following
the exhibitions at
Centre d’art contemporain
la synagogue de Delme
Curated by Marie Cozette
and at Gasworks
Curated by Robert Leckie

Published with the support of
CNAP Centre national
des arts plastiques
(aide à l’édition),
ministère de la Culture
et de la Communication

Fluxus Art Project
Franco British programme
for contemporary art
Galerie Greta Meert
Galería Juana de Aizpuru

English / French
Softcover, 16,5 x 23,5 cm
304 pages, colours

ISBN 978-3-943620-15-3

€ 32.00
Eric Baudelaire

Edited by
Eric Baudelaire
and Anna Colin
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