No Food For Lazy Man.

Some Anecdotes on Food, Migration, and Hustlersophy. Emeka Ogboh.

“proverbs are the palm oils with which words are eaten.”

Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

Lapiro de Mbanga → Mimba We

“Sauvetage na boulot weh e no get
composition de personelle
Sauvetage na boulot weh e no get
retraite anticipé
for we own boulot for sauvetage dem no
di ask man diplome ana 5 ans d’experience
for sauvetage il n’a pas de concours”
“we di beg da so… we taximan,
we sauveteur dem, we people for chuck head.
Remeh no deh, repeh no deh… lef we we
helep we own sikin… oh mimba we oh”

Digital Companion


An Ongoing- Offcoming Tale by Bonventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung