All That Magic

Teresa Lanceta Through the Radical Sonic Prism of Lester Bowie’s “All The Magic!”

La red de. S. Luis, 1991

Act I:

For Louie. La red de S. Luis

E. T. Mensah and the Tempos → All For You

Fats Waller → Black and Blue

Lester Bowie → For Louie

Jacob soñó, 1984

Act II:

Spacehead. Jacob soñó. Down Home

Farthest column

Domenico Feti, Jacob’s Dream (1613)

Ary de Vois, Jacob’s Dream (1660-1680)

Jusepe de Ribera, Jacob’s Dream (1639)



William Black, Jacob’s Ladder (1799-1806)

Giorgio Vasari II, Jacob’s Dream (1558)

Lester Bowie → Spacehead

Lester Bowie → Ghost

Magdalena (2004), color pencil on paper, 59 × 69 cm

Act III:

Ghosts. Magdalena. Magdalena multiplicada. Domingo. Última copa

Magdalena (multiplicada), 2004

Domingo, 2004

La ultima copa, 2005-2018, color pencil on paper, 50 × 70 cm

Lester Bowie → Trans Traditional Suite

Navajo I, 1990

Act IV:

Trans Traditional Suite. Navajo I

Act V:

Organic Echo 1, 2. Subían y bajaban

Lester Bowie → Organic Echo Pt. 1

Lester Bowie → Organic Echo Pt. 2

Digital Companion


An Ongoing- Offcoming Tale by Bonventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

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