A Concatenation of Immaculate Modesties

On/In Bouchra Khalili’s Twenty Two Hours

Twenty-Two Hours, 2018, video

Twenty-Two Hours, 2018


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Headquarter of the DFLP delegation (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Algiers city center

Hôtel El Safir, Ex-Aletti, Algiers city center. Residence of the Black Panther Party delegation during the 1969 Pan-African Festival of Algiers.

Fig. 1 : Entrance of the former Casino

Foreign Office, 2015

mixed media


by Paul Celan
translated by Pierre Joris


Ashglory behind
your shaken-knotted
hands at the threeway.


Pontic erstwhile: here,
a drop,


the drowned rudder blade,
in the petrified oath,
it roars up.


(On the vertical
breathrope, in those days,
higher than above,
between two painknots, while
the glossy
Tatarmoon climbed up to us,
I dug myself into you and into you.)


glory behind
you threeway


The cast-in-front-of-you, from
the East, terrible.


No one
bears witness for the
Paul Celan, “Ashglory” from BREATHTURN INTO TIMESTEAD: THE COLLECTED LATER POETRY A BILINGUAL EDITION by Paul Celan, 2014, translated by Pierre Joris.

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An Ongoing- Offcoming Tale by Bonventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

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