Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants is the first monograph of writing by visual artist Emma Wolf-Haugh interconnecting performative works, performance scripts and assemblage texts.

Over the past decade Wolf-Haugh has developed an interdisciplinary practice, which incorporates and overlaps installation, performance, and experimental workshop formats, in which the practice of self- and collective DIY publishing often serves as a kind of porous container to re-combine and bundle their multifaceted activities with text.

The publication gathers together these texts, traversing particular cultural and historical sites, the lived present and imagined futures, incorporating auto-fiction and anecdote as part of a tradition of queer-transfeminist working class vernacular and ethics, promiscuous and adept at working within limitations.

Emma Wolf-Haugh is a visual artist, educator and writer-based Berlin and Dublin and working internationally. Emma’s work is shaped by economic necessity, engaging forms of recycling, thrift and ephemera that result in soft modularity, wild archiving, and performative intervention, posing questions about value, accumulation, and authorship. Their pedagogical and publishing work posits the imagination as a political tool with radical potential that can exist and erupt anywhere and at any time.

Emma has developed a trilogy of works since 2014 dealing with queer and transfeminist economies and spatial politics. The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, Sex in Public, and Domestic Optimism have been exhibited through various iterations at: The Project Arts Centre Dublin, The Grazer Kunstverein Graz and De Appel Amsterdam, among other places.

Emma is co-founder of ‘The Many Headed-Hydra’, aqueous-mythmaking-decolonising collective, since 2015 and founder of ‘The Reading Troupe’ – Disruptive Pedagogy, workshop and instant publishing series, since 2013. Emma is the editor of Having A KiKi – Queer Desire & Public Space, PVA, 2016.

Text in Public – Zine Performances and Rants

Emma Wolf-Haugh

Published by SCRIPTINGS

and Archive Books

The Nomadic Curriculum — A Manual Series