Toward A Transindividual Self

Toward a Transindividual Self is an ambitious and capacious effort to theorize a new way to approach collectivity for political purposes through the lens of performance. Convinced that the current neoliberal conjuncture has only heightened a form of capitalist individualism that blocks notions of the social, the authors aim to show that a “transindividual formation of the self can bring about different courses of action and a more socially driven imagination.”

Transindividuation, they assure us, shows how “we form ourselves on the basis of interdependence, sharing, commonality, as well as indispensability of the individual as the agent of creativity/knowledge, freedom, and change, who ‘possibilizes’ their own conditions of formation.”

—Professor Janelle Reinelt (University of Warwick), co-editor of Critical Theory and Performance (University of Michigan, 2006)

Toward a Transindividual Self

Copyediting and Proofreading by
Patrick Lennon
Graphic Design by
Goda Budvytytė
with the assistance of Fabrice Dehaeseleer
English proofreading by
Savanna Morgan
First edition (2022) published by
Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24, 0551 Oslo, Norway
ISBN 978-82-7038-415-0
Brussels, Belgium
Multimedijalni institut
Preradovićeva, 18 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
ISBN 978-953-7372-83-5
340 pages, softcover
14.5 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-949973-17-8

In collaboration with Lokomotiva – Centre for new initiatives in culture and Station Service for contemporary dance, and is part of the project Life Long Burning (supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union).

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