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Archive Journal n°9

This issue was initiated by visual artist, researcher and amateur plant breeder Åsa Sonjasdotter to accompany her exhibition and seed propogation project at Project Arts Centre (PAC), Dublin. In collaboration with practitioners of cultivation, the project 'Peace with the Earth – Tracing Agricultural Memory, Refiguring Practice' revisits histories of agriculture. It investigates soil, habitat and dwelling histories, in order to challenge and transform long-established cultural narratives of cultivation and ecological thinking.


Archive Journal n°8

This issue of the journal resulted from the AntiColonial Records seminar that took place from the 24 to the 26 of October 2018 at Archive Kabinett in Berlin. This format of edited excerpts from transcribed conversations between the three groups of participants is a means to
document the multi-voiced gathering and to map various positions and urges informed by anticolonial methods and practices.