There has been a recent surge of global interest in Korean arts and popular culture, as evidenced by neologisms such as K-pop, K-drama and K-classic. Korean contemporary art has also captured the attention of a growing number of international biennales, exhibitions and fairs, attracting an international audience to Korea’s local artists and the scene they comprise. This is where our questions begin: despite a growing sense of nationalism in the global political stage, through a post-postmodernist lens, national categorization appears anachronistic. Is the prefix ‘K’ then a mere political ploy and capitalist commodity? If ‘K’ were to be removed, on the other hand, how else might we attempt at providing a portrait of the changing currents in Korea’s art scene? Is collective categorization or generalization ever worthwhile, and if so, to what extent can it be done without reducing or marginalizing individuals? 

With these questions in mind, the three authors of K-Artists have carefully selected a roster of emerging artists who are active participants in the community to provide a snapshot of Seoul’s current art scene. This fully-illustrated publication is in an interview format that preserves each artist’s distinct voice and evolving practices as much as possible. K-Artists also includes a foreword by curator and writer Hyunjin Kim which traces and critically assesses the becoming of Seoul’s art scene.


Hyunjoo Byeon, Diana Eunjee Kim, Hyukgue Kwon
Foreword by
Hyunjin Kim
Edited by
Gye Taek Gon (James Gui)
Proofreading by
Janna Aldraji
Translation by
Foreword, Index by Minji Chun
Interview with Jihyun Jung
(p. 152-157) by Sohyun Kim
Graphic design by
Dokho Shin
Lithography and printing & binding by
Lilia Di Bella and
X-PRESS Grafik & Druck, Berlin
Co-published by
Archive Books and The Floorplan
338 pages, hardcover
176 x 250 mm
ISBN 978-3-949973-36-9
Euros 30,00