Tale 5: The neoliberal condition. Spaces of communal resistance and resilience

This is the digital companion page for texts from Tale 5 in An Ongoing- Offcoming Tale by Bonventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung.


That Spatio-Cognitive Journey Between Vision and Conviction.

Annotations on the Practice of Ibrahim Mahama in Four Movements

Studio Öğüt

Ahmet Öğüt

A Concatenation of Immaculate Modesties

On/In Bouchra Khalili’s Twenty Two Hours

The Names of Shades of Paranoia, Called Different Forms of Silence.

A Dreamatory Proposition by Viron Erol Vert

Embracing Vulnerability

Deliberation on Some Works by Christophe Ndabananiye

If Found Please Return to Lagos

In conversation with Emeka Ogboh